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School Program

Legacy Schools has a program of important events marked in the school calendar. Such programs include; trips, inspections, Education days, prayer days, visiting days and any other such day considered important by the board and management of the school. Parents, teachers and pupils should fully attend and participate in all events as and when required.

Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

The board and management recognized the need for an excellent academic performance by all pupils. It therefore supports the inclusion of remedial teaching in the school program, herein referred to as learning assistance program.

The program is aimed at improving;

  1. The performance of the academically weak pupils.
  2. The overall performance of pupils and the school by extension, and the syllabus coverage.

Student Activities

When a student is admitted to the school, they are placed different houses. There are regular inter-house cultural events, along with inter-house sports fixtures. Students in each House are appointed as House Captains and these provide positive opportunities for developing leadership skills.

Social Life

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The school offers transport service to staff and pupils. All the legal requirements for the vans to be in use for transport have been complied with to ensure the safety of all those on board.

All pupils who wish to make use of the transport facilities should pay a stated amount of money; usually at the beginning of the term. Upon payment, a pupil will be registered at the transport office where (s) he will be a assigned a van to use for transport; the pupil will also be issued with a transport schedule for the term or year.

Pupils will be picked and dropped off at their designated stages at the exact time stated in the transport schedule; time is of essence and should be observed for a smooth flow of the learning process.

The School Experience

Legacy school was established in 2001 for the public benefit and it is recognized nationally. Throughout our great history, Legacy has offered access to a wide range of academic opportunities. As a major leader in primary education, the school has pioneered change in the sector.

Information Technology

We have recognized the importance of technology and are committed to maximizing its use to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.

Safety and Security

The management of Legacy Schools is committed to providing reasonable security for the safety of staff and pupils while in school though various installations.

Health & Wellness

The board and management of Legacy Schools has built a Medical Centre, inspected and registered by the Ministry of Health.