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Social Studies

Learners will explore a variety of different cultures, periods in history, and places in the world. The curriculum’s goal to provide children with a broad general education starts here.

The term ‘social studies’ covers a wide range of topics and subjects that we learn about at an early age. These usually have to do with the world around us and the society we live in, whether it’s in the past or the present.

At the highest level, it deals with human behaviour, resources, relationships, and institutions. Fields include history, geography, sociology, politics, economics, and anthropology.

Does that seem a bit heavy for children? Don’t worry! In primary school, learners will be working towards developing a general understanding of the world around them. They’ll learn about other people, other cultures, other value systems and world history.

The main goal is to introduce children to different environments that they otherwise wouldn’t meet at such a young age, but there’s so much more to it than that. Keep reading to find out more about social studies in school, what children will learn, and why it’s an important part of their education!