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About Us

Legacy’s History

Legacy Schools admitted the first pupils on 8th January, 2001with ECD classes (Baby class, Middle class and Pre-Unit) only. The enrolment on the first day was 13 pupils. By end of January, we admitted class One and in February we admitted class two and finally in May we admitted Class three. The statistics by the end of the year was 86. The school added a class each year. The boarding wing was started in January 2005. In 2006, the first class eight of 46 pupils did KCPE and we were the best in the Municipality that year.

The school is managed by three Directors and a PTA committee. The school progressed well and in 2007, the enrolment was 909 and the following year was 928 which prompted the Management to have a triple stream. In 2013, the school statistics went down due to many schools in area coming up down to 662 and the classes went back to double stream. In 2020 before Covid-19, the enrolment was 702 and as I write this brief, the enrolment stands at 702. When the enrolment goes up it means the staffing also goes up. Presently, we have a staff of 29 teachers and non teaching 34 brings the total to 63.

Our Vision

To be a School of Choice that Allows Development of Talents and Achievement of Excellence in Academics.


The Very Best

Our Mission

To Provide the Best Motivation in a Supportive, Friendly and God Fearing Environment that Embraces Excellence, Respect-Self and Mankind.

Special School Tour

School tour is designed for prospective students. You will see how our school looks like, facilities, students and life in this school. Meet our admissions representative to learn more about our school requirements and subjects and decide what is the best for you.


We hold yearly Graduation of PP2 pupils. Such ceremonies are not only fun for kids and moving for parents, they are also a strong reminder of the importance of public education, recognition for the work our teachers do all year long and a reminder that it’s important to take time out and recognize your kids’ achievements.