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10 Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

The coding is robust and since it’s object-oriented, it’s easier to create modular apps where you can reuse different parts. The Java programming language has been around since 1995 and has been the default language for Android app development since the platform was first introduced back in 2008. Responsive programming may adapt the pages depending on the user, platform, screen size, and device and is an integral part of modern web development. It allows you to save as much resource as possible and not to code superfluous elements or draw newer designs for each screen resolution, etc.

java mobile applications development

It’s high time to get down to the most popular programming languages for mobile app development. Do these app development languages differ from those for other product design & development? The increasing shift of web and mobile apps to containerization and microservices is popularizing the adoption of low-code apps today. Of course, it’s hard to enumerate the best programming language for app development without mentioning the mobile app development platforms and tools. There are about 10 best programming languages and frameworks suitable for web development, client-side and server-side, as well as front-end mobile app development. Let’s get to know which platform is better out of Flutter, Java, and Kotlin for mobile app development.

The foundation that allows you to do Write-Once-Run-Anywhere on mobile. This includes all of the tools required to convert JVM bytecode into native executables on each mobile platform. You dont need to worry about these, since this is all handled seamlessly by the build server. Write, debug, and test apps all inside your IDE using the Codename One simulator. One click for app-store ready device builds, without the headache of maintaining native SDKs.


WidgetPad uses standard web technologies like CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5 to provide a secure and open development environment. The framework offers developers a multitude of features like source code editing, versioning, collaboration, debugging, project management, and distribution to build powerful apps. You can easily add and customize the common widgets such as maps, social media feeds, forms, video java mobile apps development players, and much more with a few clicks. Appcelerator is a leading open-source, cross-platform development framework that allows enterprises to build native apps for platform such as Android, iOS and Windows using a single codebase. In 2016, Appcelerator was acquired by Axway, a French-American publicly-held company that offers software and services for enterprises to manage their data flows.

Java for mobile app development is an all-time favourite since it offers several benefits and is highly preferred over other available languages. ThinkFree Office is the former name of Hancom Office 2020 which is a closed-source proprietary office suite developed by Hancom in 2001. It’s one of the most robust web applications on Java that is equal parts compatible with Microsoft, android devices and windows mobile with the extended functionality of PDF support.

Kotlin is a new language that was designed specifically for developing Android apps. It runs on the Java Virtual Machine , and it’s fully compatible with Java, so you can use all the existing Java libraries when developing Kotlin apps. Swift was designed to be easy for beginners to pick up, while still being powerful enough for experienced developers. We’ll have a companion article in this series focusing on web app development, so for the rest of this article we’ll focus exclusively on native and hybrid apps. They can be designed to work on multiple types of mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

App development company, it might make more sense to find developers who can code using Kotlin since it is Google’s official programming language for Android development and comes with a wide breadth of features. For your business, developers can cooperate, use public libraries, and make the most of community support when developing your mobile application. All these perks combined make Java’s community support something remarkable, which your developers would appreciate when starting to work on the project. There are plenty of commonly used mobile programming languages to choose from and create a well-thought and structured, as well as highly functional mobile app.

Mobile apps are changing the business and consumer landscapes like never before. More people are ditching their desktops and are solely relying on smartphones to access product data, compare competitors, and make purchases online. If the internet helped boost your brand’s global presence, mobile apps push you a step further by transforming the way you do business. Today, mobile apps are a platform to share information, collaborate with vendors and partners, and interact with customers located anywhere in the world.

java mobile applications development

Accelerated Mobile Pages plugin launched by Google is becoming a mandatory factor that determines your mobile site’s ranking. AMP-optimized web/ mobile pages will rank faster and better, and own the double-chance of converting visitors into customers. The toolsets of Java assist the developers in coding and provide them with the ability to debug. Switch Statement in Java – The switch statement is a multi-way branch statement.

AR and VR Apps

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in mobile app development will significantly reduce the errors that are often overlooked by human programmers. McDonald’s fast-food chain leverages AI and big data to personalize their drive-thru menus for each customer. The use of AI in telemedicine apps reduces the time spent on administrative tasks. These developer tools are perfect for building mobile apps from scratch and even offer multi-platform capabilities for reaching larger audiences.

java mobile applications development

Thus, to be able to provide the right information to users (geolocation, sorting, filters, etc.), the applications need to cross-reference their internal information with other databases. The platform from Facebook – applications are written in JavaScript and using CSS-like styles. The interface turns out to be native, and the code is interpreted already on the platform, which gives it the necessary flexibility. When coming up with the best development conditions, coders often consider IDE .

Related Technology

There are a number of different platforms and tools available for mobile app development that can be used to create high-quality applications. Quasar is a great choice for developing cross-platform apps, because it’s easy to learn, fast and efficient, it offers many features and great performance, and the documentation is really good. So far, though, its adoption is still limited compared with the other frameworks. React Native is a great choice for developing cross-platform apps, because it’s easy to learn for developers who are already familiar with JavaScript. In addition, React Native is quite popular, so there’s a large community of developers to learn from.

Android mobile development has been Kotlin-first since Google I/O 2019. They can be more expensive to develop than other types of apps, because they require two separate development teams — one for each type of operating system. The official Android SDK Emulator – a mobile device emulator which mimics all of the hardware and software features of a typical mobile device . Oracle Java Embedded Client – an underlying Java platform catered to embedded devices. Chihiro Saito, a Blu-ray Disc Java (BD-J) developer, shows how you can use a pre-packaged BD-J application to run in a PC player or a consumer Blu-ray Disc player, complete with source files. Java for Mobile supports platforms that are specifically targeted for embedded markets.

  • Then go on and do it, and you will learn all there is to know about it.
  • Flutter is a new language that was designed specifically for developing cross-platform apps, including mobile, web, desktop, and embedded devices.
  • An important note regarding iOS is that there is no Java Virtual Machine running on iPhones.
  • In fact you can even mix native widgets and light-weight widgets together inside a Codename One app seamlessly.
  • They wanted to develop a highly-interactive mobile app that could help students pursue learning and explore career paths without complications.
  • They are the best people who can build the best-suited apps for your business.
  • As Java has expanded in popularity, so has the infrastructure that supports it.

Push notifications, CMS, universal links, auto-login, one-click payment, and a permanent cart are a couple of features that Java offers. “Codename One greatly reduced our development time and costs, while giving us the ability to deliver a custom experience in each platform when needed.” Yes, you can access both system APIs and 3rd party native frameworks and libraries. No problem.Codename One apps can also be compiled to Javascript and run inside a web browser without requiring any plugins. A cross-platform light-weight UI component library designed for mobile. Kotlin has a steep learning curve and has a syntax that’s fairly different from Java, so going from Java to Kotlin would take time.

Features offered by Java:

Java and Kotlin are both easy-to-learn languages while flutter is developed on the Dart programming language which is also pretty easy to learn. Java TV is a Java ME-based technology that provides a performant, secure, and easy to implement solution for developing Java applications that run on TV and set top box devices. Felgo uses Qt as its core framework which simplifies the development of high-quality mobile apps across industries, such as telecommunication, entertainment, and automotive. According to Felgo, developers can save up to 90% code with true cross-platform components, service integrations, and out-of-the-box native UI/UX. QML Hot Reload, Felgo Cloud Builds CI/CD, and Felgo Cloud IDE allow you to build, distribute, and publish your apps faster from the cloud. Java is a programming language independent of all platforms and can be used for multiple operating systems.

java mobile applications development

The flexibility of the Java Platform coupled with and established developer base enables you to develop secure, innovative products while achieving enhanced cost savings and time to market advantage. A vital platform that offers industry-leading reliability, performance, throughput, security, and cross-platform support. Consider the following reasons why Java Application Development is advantageous for developing Android applications and why it is the most preferred choice among mobile app developers.

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Every class in Java is directly or indirectly derived from the Object class. Overriding in Java – Overriding is a feature that allows a subclass or child class to provide a specific implementation of a method that is already provided by one of its super-classes or parent classes. Encapsulation in Java – Encapsulation is defined as the wrapping up of data under a single unit.

FAQs on Mobile App Development Technologies

Apps are compiled down to native code for maximum performance and a smooth user experience. Here are some of the most widely used Java tools for building the best Java mobile apps. Since mobile application development using Java is relatively straightforward, your business should mind the mentioned tips and pass them to the development team. Because picking Java as a whole is one of the best operations decisions your company should make, the tips we’ve mentioned are among the few that optimize the development process.

From the basic productivity apps like calendar, email, and contacts to the trendy AI-powered ecommerce apps and healthcare wearables, mobile apps have come a long way. The language gets adapted to the growth of your mobile app since it’s an open-source language. This enables the developers to make reusable codes and modular projects. Primarily, Java development services are useful for Android development. However, Java frameworks for mobile app development for iOS are available for use.

The following are examples of tools used for testing application across the most popular mobile operating systems. The platform organizations needed to develop, deploy and manage mobile apps are made from many components and tools which allow a developer to write, test and deploy applications into the target platform environment. You can use Android app studio IDE or Eclipse for the tools; they will help you learn the basics and many other things that will help improve your code. You can learn Apache Maven, Apache Ant, and Gradle as they provide a powerful set of tools to help in managing your builds. As Java has expanded in popularity, so has the infrastructure that supports it.

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